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About Box War Battles

Box War Battles is bringing the competition to your community to see which CrossFit box will be crowned the Best Box in Town.  Each affiliate will select a team of eight athletes, four males and four females which can vary month to month at the discretion of the box, to compete against other local boxes until only one undefeated box remains.

Registration will begin July 1st for selected areas across the nation to sign up to battle it out with other local boxes in their area. In Mid August the WOD for September event will be released. Your box will have a month to coordinate with their assigned opponent to compete at the home team’s location.  Results must be submitted by the end of the month for each team and the updated standings will be released.  The WODs will be announced on the 15th of the prior month. The 32 registered boxes will continue to face off each month for a total of five WODs in five months.  We will be taking December off as schedules become busier for the holidays.  By February, we will have the two local undefeated teams battle it out for the ultimate bragging rights, the title of The Best Box in Town.

Competition Format:

32 teams will register to compete for a total of five team competitions. The first 16 teams that sign up will be awarded the home team for the first WOD.  In the consecutive months, the home team will go to the teams with the best times/results of the previous month.  By the second month, the 16 winning teams will be facing off while the 16 one loss teams will be competing.  Teams with the same records will face off to find their place in the final rankings while undefeated teams will continue to battle it out with the goal of being the last box standing. The winning box will be presented with a flag to hang in their Box recognizing them as Box War Battles Champion (Region) 2012.

Each team will receive 10 Box War Battle Competitor T-Shirts, sure to be a collector’s item.  The overall winning boxes in each area will receive $1000 in brand new equipment of their choice for their box.  Sponsors are contacting us daily to participate in this event. A list of Sponsors will be updated soon and frequently.  More information on prizes, discounts and awards will follow shortly.  Registration begins July 1, 2012.  May the Best Box win!

What Box War Battles Does for YOUR box!

We have hired a PR company to help draw media attention to your box for FREE as a Box War Battles participant!  We urge that you use the “Community” nature of BoxWar Battles to your advantage.  Everybody lately is “CrossFit Curious”.  CrossFit with the help of Reebok has gotten the word about CrossFit out to the masses, but not necessarily into your boxes.  Box War Battles involves the entire box, not just your Games athletes.  By showing the community CrossFit is more accessible than just what they see on ESPN, it will bring more “CrossFit Curious” members of your community to your boxes.

The PR company will send Press Releases of the event to the media of your choice and follow up to help you get coverage and community exposure.  Please include your larger media outlets as well as your local community papers. We would suggest making the monthly event that takes place in your box about the community.  Possibly a canned food drive, small monetary admission donations to a local charity or whatever is in your box choses.  Below are some links to the press we received by using a PR company for our Grand Opening of our Royal Palm Beach location of CrossFit Hardcore.  We promoted a local charity LittleSmiles.org as our Grand Opening fund raiser.  We will send you the contact information of our PR company when the 1st monthly pairings have been released.







We also had local news anchors posting about our facility on their Facebook pages.  Let’s take advantage of this opportunity, and the PR services are FREE to all Box War Battles participants.